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Chronic Disease Management Programs

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Diabetes Disease Management

Chronic Heart Disease Management

Obesity Management

Thyroid Disease Management

Why to join?

Participating in the We Care chronic disease program offers a multitude of benefits for individuals managing chronic conditions. These benefits include:

- Seamless experience
- Refill medication & free medication delivery
- Exclusive discounts
- Education program
- Jointing kits & giveaways


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We Care

Gotriage Chronic disease program

What is we care?

We Care is a dedicated initiative aimed at providing support and assistance to chronic disease patients. By focusing on relieving stress and burdens, We Care aims to enhance the overall experience for patients as they manage their medical needs and refill their medications.

One crucial aspect of We Care is empowering patients to make informed decisions regarding their health. By providing comprehensive information, the program ensures that patients have the necessary knowledge to make the right choices for their well-being. This aspect is particularly important for chronic disease patients who often require ongoing management and treatment.

Another valuable component of We Care is the focus on helping patients adopt a better lifestyle. Lifestyle changes, such as maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and managing stress, can have a significant impact on managing chronic diseases effectively. By providing support and guidance, We Care aims to assist patients in adopting healthier habits, which can contribute to their overall well-being and quality of life.

Overall, We Care appears to be a holistic program that addresses the various needs of chronic disease patients. By offering support, information, and resources, it endeavors to improve the patient experience, alleviate stress and burdens, and promote better health outcomes.

Extra Benefits

1. Comprehensive Support:

We Care provides a wide range of support services tailored to the specific needs of chronic disease patients. This includes access to healthcare professionals, support groups, counseling, and educational resources. The program takes a holistic approach to support patients throughout their healthcare journey.

2. Multidisciplinary Approach:

We Care adopts a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare, involving professionals from various specialties. This ensures that patients receive comprehensive care and expertise from different fields, resulting in a well-rounded and thorough management of their condition.

3. Reduced Stress and Burden:

Managing a chronic disease can be stressful and burdensome. We Care aims to alleviate this stress by offering assistance with medication refills, appointment scheduling, and care coordination. By lightening the load, the program helps patients focus on their well-being and reduces the overall burden they experience.

4. Improved Decision-making:

We Care empowers patients by providing them with valuable information and resources to make informed decisions about their healthcare. This includes educating patients about treatment options, potential side effects, lifestyle modifications, and self-care strategies. By being well-informed, patients can actively participate in their healthcare decisions, leading to better outcomes.

5. Enhanced Quality of Life:

The We Care program promotes a better lifestyle by emphasizing healthy habits. Through guidance on nutrition, exercise, stress management, and other lifestyle factors, participants are encouraged to adopt positive changes that can improve their overall quality of life. These improvements can have a significant impact on their chronic condition management.

6. Peer Support and Networking:

We Care facilitates support groups and online communities, providing an avenue for participants to connect with others facing similar challenges. Engaging with peers who understand their experiences can be immensely beneficial, as it allows for sharing of advice, experiences, and emotional support. This network helps patients feel less alone and provides practical tips for managing their condition.

7. Access to Expertise:

We Care collaborates with healthcare professionals, specialists, and disease-specific organizations to provide participants with access to expert advice and guidance. This ensures that patients receive the most up-to-date information and expertise in managing their specific chronic condition. Access to specialized knowledge helps patients make informed decisions and optimize their treatment.

8. Personalized Care:

We Care recognizes that each individual’s journey with a chronic disease is unique. The program aims to provide personalized care and support based on the specific needs and circumstances of each participant. This tailored approach ensures that patients receive individualized assistance and resources that address their specific condition and challenges.

By participating in the We Care chronic disease program, individuals can experience reduced stress, enhanced decision-making abilities, improved lifestyle habits, access to a supportive network, and personalized care. These benefits can contribute to better health outcomes, a higher quality of life, and a more positive healthcare experience for chronic disease patients.

Our Specialist Doctors

Dr. Shankar Vodela

Specialist Internal Medicine
MBBS | MD | PG DIPLOMA in Diabetes

Dr. Mostafa

GP - Cairo - Aesthetician

Dr. Nitin Gulabani

General Practitioner
MBBS | MD (Internal Medicine)

Dr. Rohan Janardhana

General Practitioner MBBS

We Offer

Our healthcare services focus on convenience and easy access for patients with chronic diseases. We offer:

Dedicated Case Manager

A case manager will follow up monthly, facilitate appointments, medication refills, and ensure you receive necessary care updates.

Home Care Services

We offer doctor and nurse home visits, blood sample collection, and convenient care in the comfort of your own home.

Medication Refill & Delivery

Our team coordinates with your doctor for medication refills, and we provide free home delivery.

We prioritize your convenience, accessibility, and a streamlined healthcare experience with a focus on comprehensive care and personalized attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

A chronic disease management program is a structured and comprehensive approach to managing long-term health conditions. It involves personalized care plans, ongoing monitoring, education, and support to help individuals effectively manage their chronic conditions and improve their quality of life.

Individuals with chronic health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, heart disease, arthritis, and other long-term illnesses can benefit from a chronic disease management program. It is suitable for patients of all ages who require ongoing support and guidance to manage their health effectively.

The program typically starts with an initial assessment by healthcare professionals to understand the patient’s medical history, current condition, and individual needs. Based on this assessment, a personalized care plan is developed, which may include medication management, lifestyle changes, exercise routines, dietary guidelines, and regular follow-ups.

Participating in such a program offers numerous benefits, including better disease control, reduced complications, improved quality of life, increased knowledge about the condition, enhanced self-management skills, and a supportive healthcare team

The coverage for chronic disease management programs can vary depending on the type of insurance and the specific program offered. It is advisable to check with your insurance provider to determine if the program is covered and what services are included.

Chronic disease management programs often involve a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals. This team may include doctors, nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, physical therapists, and psychologists, working together to provide holistic care.

The frequency of follow-up appointments or check-ins varies based on individual needs and the severity of the condition. In general, patients may have regular follow-ups, ranging from monthly to quarterly, to monitor progress and make any necessary adjustments to the care plan.

Yes, family members or caregivers can play a crucial role in supporting the individual’s chronic disease management. They are encouraged to be actively involved in the program, attend appointments, and learn about the condition to provide better support at home.

To enroll in a chronic disease management program, individuals can speak with their primary care physician or healthcare provider. They will guide you through the process and help you get started with the appropriate program for your condition.

While outcomes may vary depending on the individual’s condition and adherence to the care plan, participants can expect better disease management, reduced symptoms, improved overall health, and increased knowledge and skills to manage their condition effectively.

Please note that specific details of a chronic disease management program may vary based on the healthcare provider or facility offering the service. It is essential to consult with your healthcare provider to get detailed information about the program available to you.

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